Why .NET?


.NET is the fastest enterprise framework in the world. TechEmpower benchmarks shows that ASP.net Core can handle more than 7.3M requests per second. That's more than 8 times faster than NodeJS!


.NET provides a solution for you whether it’s a mobile application running on iOS, Android and Windows, or it's an Enterprise server application running on Linux.


.NET's powerful frameworks, APIs and development tools like Visual Studio, Language Integrated Query (LINQ), Entity Framework, Task Parallel Library, ML.NET make the development more and more productive.


The large eco-system that is around .NET has made it a very low-risk solution for enterprise companies. Nuget package manager has over 90,000 libraries and there are 1.4M questions in StackOverflow tagged with C#.

Open source

.NET is a free, cross-platform and open source making it cheaper to develop, more reliable and more secure for businesses. Over 60,000 developers outside Microsoft are contributing to .NET.


.NET’s compiled programming languages prevent malicious code injection and Microsoft makes fast updates when new threats are recognized making .NET a secure solution for companies.

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