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What we do

.NET Consultants provides Computer Vision and Image/Video Processing consultancies and algorithms for broadest range of daily applications, chatbots, natural language processing, and advanced AI-backed searches.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision (CV) as a major part of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but not limited to it, produces information about physical world from optical sensors. Computer Vision develops algorithms which can automatically replicate some functionalities of biological visual system. It provides efficient solutions for various applications of daily life.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a technique that allows computers to use existing data to predict the future. With machine learning, computers learn from the data without being explicitly programmed. Examples for the use of machine learning in real-life applications are product recommendations based on the previously bought items, fraud bank transaction detection and, email filtering.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence used to help computers understand the human’s natural language. NLP is commonly used in translators, grammar checkers, personal assistants, and Interactive Voice response apps that are used in call centers to respond to specific user requests.


Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate a conversation with humans, especially over the Internet. Chatbots can improve your customer service, facilitate a personalized communication, improve response time, and provide you with data about customers' most interested or complained topics.

How we work

1. Data Analysis

We look into customer's dataset to see if the quality and the amount of data and metadata is high enough to meet the expected accuracy.

2. Design

We will check if the already existing models will serve the purpose or if we have to train a new model and the best algorithm for modeling.

3. Training

Training algorithms will be run on top of the dataset and benchmarked to have a quantified accuracy to facilitate data-driven decision making.

4. Turning

Our engineers will look into the results and fine-tune the training algorithms repeatedly until the expected accuracy of the customer is fully met.


The technologies we use for our AI solutions include...

The global Computer Vision market size was valued at USD 9.6 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 13.0 billion by 2025.

Markets and Markets


Academic achievements

We have an A class team of AI experts on board. Our head of AI department has 25+ years of proven track record in academic AI research in autonomous driving cars, virtual/augmented reality, dynamic 3D pose estimation, dynamic 3D action recognition, 3D semantic scene understanding, and 3D face recognition as well as...

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